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Within a span of three years, being responsible has organized 16 health camps. On a regular basis we run, Two Senior Citizens Day Care centres, provide  assistance to needy senior citizens in terms of  grocery, run a mobile Medicare van, which delivers free medicines and through   project Punarvivah we make an  attempt to help  lonely elderly person find a companion. Apart from all this we also make an effort toinvolve the elderly by  arranging for visits to historical places,  birthday celebrations, celebrating festivals and many such occasions of social and national interest.

About us

India is a land of golden possibilities; these possibilities will become a reality the day we decide that we want to make a difference to the world we live in.

Being responsible, is an initiative taken by me with an objective of encouraging people to engage themselves in social activities that would contribute to the process of development of society. The engagement can be by groups, corporates or individuals.

I have taken the initiative and now I am seeking your support and ideas to meet our objective of a better world.

Our Mission

We want to be socially responsible and contribute to India’s social growth.

We hope to initiate a process where the youth can align to their social responsibilities

We aim to give back to our land a better society.


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Children are the world's most valuable resource and its best hope  for the future

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